Benefits of Shopping at Farmer's Markets

Benefits of Shopping at Farmer's Markets

  • Claudia Thompson
  • 04/12/22
One of the primary reasons to shop at a farmer’s market is getting produce at the peak of freshness. The produce at farmer’s markets are picked to sell. When produce is in season and at the peak of the season, it not only tastes better but is also better for you.

Supporting Local Farmers and Artisans

Buying produce, goods, and art from farmer’s markets puts money directly into the hands of the people that cultivated the food or goods. It is a good way to show appreciation and interest for what they do. A farmer’s market is also a great place to buy unique, local gifts for friends and family.

New, Interesting Produce

Walking around a bustling farmer’s market allows you to see new produce and learn about what can grow in your local climate and soil. If you are curious, ask! What is great is that the person behind the table selling is likely the person who grew it. They can tell you more about the fruit or vegetable and how to prepare if in the best way.

A Few Tips

Bring reusable bags to reduce waste. Also, if you get to a farmer’s market near closing there is always a chance for deals! The sellers would rather sell a few more things than have to pack them up and bring them back to the farm. Lastly, bring small bills to make purchasing easier on both you and the seller who might not be able to break a twenty.

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